Our fellows


Dayanita Ramesh – ACCEL North American Fellow 

Dayanita Ramesh recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) with an M.A. in International Relations and Economics (specializing in Canadian Studies, Energy and Conflict Management) and is the North American Fellow for the Arctic Climate Change Emerging Leaders (ACCEL) Program based at the Atlantic Council.

Dayanita is also an artist, with an eye for design and hopes to combine her subject matter expertise on the Arctic, environment and economics with communication, outreach and design skills. She hopes to work on international environmental agreements and is especially interested in working with the youth generations and indigenous communities. Dayanita enjoys bicycling, yoga, feminist science fiction novels and watching movies!

You can follow @DayanitaRamesh or visit dayanitaramesh.portfoliobox.me


Eleonora Milazzo – ACCEL European Fellow

Eleonora Milazzo - Profile Pic

Eleonora Milazzo is a graduate student currently pursing a Double Master’s in International Relations at MGIMO Univeristy, Moscow and LUISS University, Rome. Her studies focus on Russian foreign affairs, geopolitics of the post Soviet space, and Arctic cooperation.  She is the European Fellow for the Arctic Climate Changes Emerging Leaders (ACCEL) Program based at the Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

Eleonora served as a young researcher at Russian International Affairs Council in Moscow to fulfil her passion for research. She hopes to develop her interests for Russian foreign politics and international relations with a PhD.  She enjoys camping, running, cooking, and reading Tolstoj and Dostoevskij.

You can follow @EleonorMilazzo on Twitter.


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